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24 November 2005

New Online Facilities Launched

Monmouthshire Building Society now offers its members the opportunity to view their existing savings and mortgage accounts online....

9 November 2005

Charity Begins at Home

Our Foundation has contributed tens of thousands of pounds to over 50 local organisations and charities in South East Wales.....

13 October 2005

New Chief Executive

Mr Andrew Lewis joined us on ... as Chief Executive for the Society....

6 October 2005

Child Trust Fund

Have you opened yours?

12 September 2005

Lydney Agency Now Open

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new agency office in Lydney, Gloucestershire, in association with Malcolm J. White Estate Agents....

1 September 2005

Annual Results

Monmouthshire Building Society reports results for its financial year ending 30 April 2005, which represent its most successful year ever......

21 April 2005

Appointment of New Chief Executive

The Board of Monmouthshire Building Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Lewis as Chief Executive who succeeds David Roberts, who after a distinguished career has recently retired.


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