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16 September 2010

Full time vacancies, Newport, South Wales. Find out more…

Are you looking for a new challenge, more responsibility and to really make a difference?

2 September 2010

Usk branch offers more

Our Usk branch, situated at 25 Bridge Street, has undergone an extensive refurbishment...

2 August 2010

New 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond (2.75%)

The Society has launched a new Fixed Rate Bond...

2 August 2010

Phone lines down at Head Office

Due to a technical fault in the Newport area, the Society is unable to receive incoming calls to our Head Office...

8 March 2010

Mortgage Advice Week

Whatever your question about mortgages, call in and see us during Mortgage Advice Week...

15 January 2010

Charities Seminar - 3rd February 2010

The Society will be hosting a Charities Seminar...

4 January 2010

What's your New Year's resolution?

Do you want your money to work harder in 2010?


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