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24 April 2008

Win your home insurance for a year!

Monmouthshire Building Society is currently running a home insurance prize draw. For every quote issued before 31st May 2008, you will be entered into the prize draw...

21 April 2008

SVR Mortgage Rate

Our Standard Variable Rate for existing borrowers will decrease to 6.94% on 1st May 2008...

10 April 2008

Fixed Term Bonds

Our range of limited issue bonds can now be viewed online....

9 April 2008

Tax Free Zone - Cash ISA

Our Cash ISA recently won a best buy award for being one of the most consistent Cash ISA in the UK...

19 March 2008

Monmouthshire responds to soaring demand

The Society focuses on local customers

29 February 2008

Changes to Interest Rates

Our Savings and Mortgage interest rates for existing customers are changing from 1st March 2008...

15 February 2008

Lifetime Tracker Mortgage

Are you looking for a mortgage deal that tracks the Bank of England Base Rate for the life of the mortgage?


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