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1 February 2008

Great Remortgage Deals...

Monmouthshire Building Society are bringing down the cost of remortgaging your home...

5 December 2007

Here to help - during the festive season

Monmouthshire Building Society is currently extending its opening hours for its Head office branch in Newport on Thursday evenings from 6 December to 20 December 2007...

5 November 2007

Christmas Saver account - Start saving for Christmas

Start saving now for Christmas with the Monmouthshire Building Society Christmas Saver account. You can save from as little as 1 up to 250 each month...

1 October 2007

Members' Bond

Our Members' Bond offers you a very attractive rate of interest, fixed for one year. This bond is a limited issue available to members of the Society only...

22 June 2007

Mortgage Clinic

Whatever your question about mortgages, call in and see us to get the answer from one of our Advisers...

18 June 2007

Home Insurance - apply online

Whether you have a mortgage with us or not you can obtain a quote and arrange cover online...

5 April 2007

Savings Account News

Changes to our General Investment Terms & Conditions for our savings accounts have recently been introduced........


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