King of Consistency - Cash ISA 2

6 April 2010

Cash ISA 2

Our Cash ISA 2 Account has been recognised as one of the ‘most consistent Cash ISAs’ in the UK by Moneyfacts, Moneysupermarket and Which?

Moneyfacts have featured our Cash ISA 2 Account in two of their ‘most consistent Cash ISA’ categories - most consistent Cash ISA over 18 months and over 36 months.

Our Cash ISA 2 account has been featured in the Sunday Times, every week since March 2009, as a ‘best buy consistent Cash ISA’, generating the best returns over a 3 year period from data supplied by

In addition, our ISA has also been listed as a best rate Cash ISA on the influential Which? website since April 2009.

This demonstrates our approach to offering consistently competitive savings products for our customers.

From April 6th 2010, all investors can now save up to £5,100 in a Cash ISA.

Our Cash ISA 2 also allows transfers-in from other  ISA providers. For more information and to apply online click on the link below.

Cash ISA 2>> Cash ISA 2, and Which? are leading monitors of savings products in the UK.


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