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24 August 2015

Society Launches Competitive Buy to Let House Purchase and Remortgage Products

The Society has launched a new range of two year Buy to Let house purchase and remortgage products.

18 August 2015

Members Loyalty ISA Launched

We've launched a Members Loyalty ISA (Two Year Stepped Fixed Rate ISA Bond - Issue 1) which is available to existing customers of Monmouthshire Building Society (who were members as at 30th April 2015) to celebrate another year of ...

18 August 2015

Two Year Stepped Fixed Rate Bond Launched

To celebrate this year

17 August 2015

Llandaff Agency Temporary Closure 18th August

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Llandaff agency will be temporarily closed on Tuesday 18th August 2015.

10 August 2015

Society Strengthened with Key Appointment

Lucy Burgess has joined the Society as Human Resources (HR) Manager, helping to develop an HR strategy. She will work with managers to ensure that the Society continues to attract, recruit and retain high calibre staff. ...

31 July 2015

Society Launches Lending into Retirement Webpage

Monmouthshire Building Society is highly regarded for its flexible, tailored approach to mortgage lending, and is able to consider lending to home owners who wish to take their mortgage into retirement. ...

28 July 2015

Protect your Personal and Financial Information from Scams

While the internet is a valuable, efficient platform for internet banking, it's essential that you protect your personal and financial information to make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands ...


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