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31 August 2012

New 2 Year Discount Mortgages Now Available

The Society is pleased to introduce a new range of 2 year discount mortgage products. The new 2 year discount mortgages are available for house purchase and remortgages, up to 80% loan to value, with competitive interest rates ...

24 August 2012

Corporate Direct Accounts

Our Corporate Direct & Direct 30 accounts are designed exclusively for small business and corporate entities who wish to invest non personal funds.

28 July 2012

Take our 60 Second Mortgage Challenge

In just 60 seconds we will be able to tell you whether or not we could save you money by lowering the cost of your monthly mortgage payments...

26 July 2012

Your AGM Vote Counts!

As a mutual organisation, the Society operates for the benefit of its members. We therefore ask members to take an active interest in the Societys affairs and invite you to attend our forthcoming Annual General Meeting at 11.00am on ...

14 July 2012

Helping the Community - Can we help your organisation?

As a regional building society we feel great affinity with the communities in which we operate and actively endeavour to support them wherever possible.

27 June 2012

New 5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

We have introduced more new products to our mortgage range.

12 June 2012

Personal Financial Planning Seminars

Our subsidiary company Monmouthshire Independent Financial Advisers, are hosting free seminars in Cardiff to give our customers an opportunity to improve their knowledge and understanding of financial planning. ...


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