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29 March 2011

Current Vacancies - Insurance Broking

Due to rapid expansion, we are keen to receive enquiries from people seeking a career in general insurance broking.

20 March 2011

Maindee branch relocation

Customers are advised that our existing Maindee branch at 145 Chepstow Road, Newport, will be closing at 1.00pm on Tuesday 29th March.

8 February 2011

Buy-to-Let mortgages

If you're looking to purchase or remortgage a buy-to-let property with competitive interest rates and 70% LTV...

7 September 2010

Society unveils strong results

Monmouthshire Building Society has reinforced its position as one of the strongest institutions in the UK financial services sector, with growth of 6.5% for the year to April, 2010...

4 August 2010

Society helps first time buyers onto the property ladder

The Society has launched a new Shared Equity Mortgage scheme to help local first time buyers onto the property ladder...

27 July 2010

2 Year Fixed Rate then Lifetime Tracker Mortgages

Are you looking for a mortgage deal that is fixed at the beginning of the mortgage...

4 May 2010

Mutuals retain customer service crown

Mutuals (like Monmouthshire Building Society) have consistently outperformed plc banks across various aspects of customer service, including treating customers fairly...


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