SCAM ALERT - Spoof Phone Calls Using Society Phone Number

17 February 2017

Phone Scam

A number of UK residents have reported receiving a call from 01633 844456 where a telemarketer has enquired if they have been involved in an accident. This number is owned by Monmouthshire Building Society.

The telemarketer has spoofed this number – a practice known as Caller ID spoofing. Caller ID spoofing causes the telephone network to indicate to the receiver of a call a different telephone number to the number the call is made from. The purpose of spoofing is to hide the location of the caller (often abroad) and to provide an air of authenticity.

Criminals will use this method when attempting Vishing Fraud Scams where the caller pretends to be from a bank with the aim of tricking customers into providing bank account information so they can gain access to the customer’s funds.

The Society has reported this to our telephone provider so that they can remedy this problem.

We can confirm that we will never call our customers in relation to accidents or request personal sensitive information. We are committed to preventing Financial Crime. If you are a Monmouthshire Building Society customer and you have any concerns, then contact our head office on 01633 844340.

To ensure that you protect yourself, your data, and your funds, do not divulge any personal information to the caller. Monmouthshire Building Society accept no liability should you divulge personal sensitive information to a fraudster.

You can protect yourself from fraud by following the advice from the following websites:

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