Junior Cash ISA Declaration


  • I am 16 years of age or over.
  • I am the child or I have parental responsibility for that child.
  • I/the child do/does not have a Child Trust Fund account.
  • I will be the registered contact for the JISA.
  • The child is resident in the UK, or is a UK Crown servant, a dependant of a UK Crown servant or is married to/in a civil partnership with a UK Crown servant.
  • I have not subscribed and will not subscribe to another JISA of this type for this child.
  • I am not aware that this child has another JISA of this type.
  • I am not aware of other JISA subscriptions that will result in this child exceeding the annual limit.
  • I will not knowingly make subscriptions to JISAs for this child that will result in the subscription limit being exceeded.


  • to hold the child's subscriptions, JISA investments, interest, dividends and any other rights or proceeds in respect of those investments and cash, and
  • to make on the child's behalf any claims to relief from tax in respect of JISA investments.

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