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17 September 2014

Society Launches Competitive Buy to Let House Purchase and Remortgage Products

The Society has revamped its Buy to Let mortgage product range, adding extra features and competitive fixed rates.

17 September 2014

Society Achieves £Billion Financial Milestone

The Society is pleased to announce the achievement of a major financial milestone

9 September 2014

Members Loyalty ISA Launched

The Society has launched a Members Loyalty ISA (Cash ISA

8 September 2014

Society Staff Member Takes on Cardiff Half Marathon

A dedicated member of the Society

8 September 2014

Society’s Cash ISA 6 Rate Change

From 8th September 2014, the interest rates paid on the Society's Cash ISA 6 will change as follows:

8 September 2014

Financial Milestone Marked with Dragons Sponsorship

This year, the Society hits a major financial milestone

2 September 2014

Society Prospers with 10.3% Growth

The Society has reinforced its position as one of the leading institutions across the UK financial services sector with outstanding growth of 10.3%.


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