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27 July 2010

2 Year Fixed Rate then Lifetime Tracker Mortgages

Are you looking for a mortgage deal that is fixed at the beginning of the mortgage...

4 May 2010

Mutuals retain customer service crown

Mutuals (like Monmouthshire Building Society) have consistently outperformed plc banks across various aspects of customer service, including treating customers fairly...

16 April 2010

New Remortgage Products With No Up-Front Fees

By eliminating the arrangement fees on our new remortgage products and also offering a free valuation and free legal fees....

29 March 2010

Apply online to open our award winning savings accounts...

All our personal savings accounts can now be opened online (except our Cash Child Trust Fund)...

15 March 2010

ISA tax year end

Please note that this year, the end of the tax year (5th April) coincides with the Easter Bank Holiday weekend (2nd - 5th April)...

17 December 2009

Start saving for Christmas 2010

Start saving now for Christmas 2010 with our Christmas Saver account...

21 October 2009

Royal Mail strike

Please note any forthcoming Royal Mail strike action will affect the delivery and receipt of all postal items...


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