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23 January 2017

Society Celebrates 148 Years of Success

The Society is thrilled to be celebrating its 148th anniversary this January. Founded by Newport businessmen on Saturday 23rd January 1869, the Society granted its first loans on 7th May 1869.

13 January 2017

Pride of Gwent Award Nomination for Staff Member

Shauna Cook, who works in the Society's Credit Control department, has been nominated for a prestigious Pride of Gwent Award because of the amount of her free time which has been used to help others.

13 January 2017

Charitable Foundation Donate 3,000 to Swansea Urban Sports Project

Community Urban Sports Project (CUSP), a skateboard, BMX and scooter activity group based at Exist Skatepark, Swansea, was recently awarded 3,000 by Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation. ...

10 January 2017

Stay Safe Online

The Metropolitan Police recently published a number of alerts to members of the public, local police forces and businesses in order to increase awareness of a number of 'Phishing' campaigns currently taking place across the UK. ...

6 January 2017

Simple Tips to Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter weather can take a heavy toll on your home, and the effect can be costly to both your health and your pocket. Prevention is the key when it comes to tackling the harshest of weather conditions, and taking simple steps now can help to ...

3 January 2017

Chepstow Branch to undergo Makeover

As part of our commitment to our branch network, and to ensure we meet the needs of all our members, we will shortly be giving our Chepstow branch a makeover.

21 December 2016

Plan Ahead to Protect Your Home Against Flooding

Flooding and storms cause millions of pounds worth of damage to businesses and households across the UK each year, and our run of wet, warmer winters has severely impacted the risk posed to houses in once-safe areas. ...


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