Probate Service

When someone dies, there is often a great deal of work to sort out, including distribution of their estate. This can seem a daunting task at a difficult time which often involves legal and tax formalities which are unfamiliar to most people.

The law in this area is not always straightforward and executors or administrators dealing with the administration of an estate may even be personally liable to disappointed creditors or beneficiaries if they make a mistake when settling the deceased’s liabilities and distributing the estate.

Monmouthshire Building Society understands that during this distressing time, this task can be a daunting and upsetting one. To help solve this worry we have teamed up with a trusted panel of South Wales based solicitors to offer a probate service which removes this stressful duty and keeps your probate process to a minimum.

Our local panel of solicitors* are available to provide a professional service to ensure any issues are identified and correctly dealt with. This can be particularly relevant where the estate includes shares in a family business, agricultural property or overseas assets or where there is any potential for a dispute in relation to the estate. In some cases there may be an opportunity to rearrange the distribution of some or all of the estate to achieve significant Inheritance Tax savings now or in the future with an appropriately drawn up Deed of Variation. While a lay person administering the estate cannot charge the estate for their time, they can appoint a professional to undertake the work for them with any fee charged taken out of the estate in due course.

Family disputes over a Will or an estate, and disagreements between lay executors and beneficiaries are not uncommon. Our panel of solicitors can provide constructive advice and representation for individuals in that difficult situation.

Our panel of solicitors offer a no obligation initial consultation to establish how best to assist you and details of the likely fees involved will be provides at this time.

Ask us for professional help today

When you contact us, we will pass your details to one of our panel of solicitors who will contact you directly within 5 working days of us receiving your request.

*Monmouthshire Building Society Group Probate Service is provided by our trusted panel of South Wales based solicitors. Full details are available from the Society upon request. No advice will be given by Monmouthshire Building Society Group as to whether you should appoint a professional regarding the administering of an estate and no introductory fee will be made to the Monmouthshire Building Society Group. Our trusted panel of South Wales based solicitors will pay the Society a flat fee of £25 for a referral made where subsequently business is carried out on behalf of a customer. This is known as an introducers fee.


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