Appointment of New Chief Executive

21 April 2005

The Board of Monmouthshire Building Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Lewis as Chief Executive who succeeds David Roberts, who after a distinguished career has recently retired. Mr Lewis, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, joined the Society as General Manager (Finance) in 1991 and was promoted to Finance Director in 1998. He will take up his new role during May 2005. Mr Lewis aged 47, was born and brought up in Caerphilly and is married with three children.

Announcing the appointment, John Farrow, Chairman, said, “Andrew Lewis will be the beneficiary of a highly successful business, with an impressive growth record which has seen its total assets increase by more than eight fold under the leadership of the retiring Chief Executive, David Roberts. The Society’s Board is certain Andrew’s strong record over the past 14 years, coupled with the known strengths of our executive team, will enhance the outstanding record of success achieved by the Society in recent years for the benefit of its members.”

John Farrow added, “The invaluable contribution made to the success of the Society by David Roberts, the executive team collectively and the staff generally is a matter of great satisfaction and pride to the Board.”

Andrew Lewis commented, “I am proud to have been with the Monmouthshire since 1991 and to have contributed to its significant progress year on year. The Society will continue to be run in the best interests of its members, which means delivering the best possible rates for savers and borrowers, whilst investing in the business to deliver a first class service for both existing and future generations.”

Mr Lewis continued, “I am absolutely delighted at this opportunity, and am tremendously excited by the challenges that lie ahead, and look forward to continue working with a top class team who remain committed to the concept of mutuality, a sentiment that I personally subscribe to and wholly support.”


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