Award winning Account - Saver Plus

20 June 2008

Our ‘Saver Plus’ account has recently won an award for being one of the best regular savings accounts in the UK by ‘Moneyfacts’, and has also been awarded a Top 5 UK Best Buy for ‘Regular Savings Accounts with Variable Interest Rates’ in the May 2008 Edition of Which? Money.

Our Saver Plus account allows you to save a fixed amount from as little as £20 per month, and if all 12 payments are made, and no more than one withdrawal is made per year, you will receive a 3% annual bonus on top of your annual interest. Details of our Saver Plus account can be found by clicking on the link below.

>> Details of Saver Plus Account

>> Details of our Awards

Moneyfacts and Which? Money magazine are independent consumer market monitors that provide information about how to make the most of your money.


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