Happy Birthday! Society celebrates 140 years!

21 January 2009

140 BirthdayMonmouthshire Building Society, one of the oldest and most successful businesses based in Wales, celebrates its 140th birthday on January 23rd.

The Society was founded by a group of local businessmen on the evening of Saturday January 23rd 1869, and granted its first loans on May 7th later that year. From this humble beginning, the Society has continued to grow and serve the people of Newport and beyond through two world wars and two turns of the century.

The Society was formed the same year as other well known organisations in Wales. In 1869, the Western Mail newspaper was first published in Cardiff and the first National Eisteddfod of Wales took place in Holywell.

The Society also precedes many historic events that took place across the globe in 1869. Celluloid was first patented that year, which in turn lead to the development of photography and film production. Mahatma Gandhi was born and would in time become a major political and spiritual leader of India, whose beliefs in peace and non-violence would change the face of the world. The Suez Canal officially opened in Egypt in 1869, allowing transport by water from Europe to Asia, through Africa instead of around it.

Commenting on the Society’s landmark birthday Chief Executive Andrew Lewis said “In the current economic climate, it’s pleasing to be able to celebrate such a significant milestone in the Society’s history. Our longevity is a testament to our ongoing commitment to our customers, the quality of our lending and our continued financial strength and security.

As one of Wales’s largest and most successful institutions, we are immensely proud of our achievements over the past 140 years. However as the world continues to work through the global financial problems, we must continue to look forward, rather than back, to ensure we continue to offer the best possible service to our customers so that the Society may proudly thrive for another 140 years. “


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