ISA Increase for Customers Aged 50 Plus

30 September 2009

From 6th October 2009, the annual ISA subscription limit is being increased. For all ISA savers aged 50 or over during the current tax year (ending 5th April 2010), the annual Cash ISA limit will increase to £5,100.

Whether you have a Cash ISA or an ISA Saver account, all customers of eligible age can top-up their existing society ISA account to the new ISA limit, subject to the account terms and conditions and the existing ISA rules.

It makes sense to take advantage of this increase to top up your account and make full use of your tax-free allowance. Simply pop into your local Monmouthshire Building Society branch or agency office, or if you prefer, you can post us a cheque (payable to yourself) along with your passbook.

General Information about the changes

From 6th October 2009, the annual subscription limits will be increased as follows:

• Overall maximum investment is £10,200.

• Up to £5,100 of that allowance can be saved in a Cash ISA.

• The remainder of the £10,200 can be invested in a Stocks and Shares ISA.


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