Society Launches Will Writing Service

22 July 2009

The Society has launched a new Will Writing service for customers, in association with a trusted panel of South Wales based solicitors.

Everyone should make a Will

It's the only way to ensure that everything happens as you wish, and to make sure that your loved ones are protected. Even if you have a Will already, it may well need updating, particularly if you've been married or divorced, bought a house, had children, retired or received an inheritance.

Writing a Will can be easy and affordable

The good news is that making a Will doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. The Society can put you in touch with one of our trusted panel of solicitors. They'll offer you expert help with making a new Will or changing your current Will - all for a fixed price, agreed in advance, which you simply pay direct to the solicitor.

For more information on this service, click here


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