Has Your Business Got Winter Covered?

22 November 2013

MIS frozen office

With winter just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to prepare your business for any unavoidable extremes of weather.

With an increased risk of below-freezing temperatures, snow, high winds and flooding, a little forward planning could help protect your business premises and ensure you avoid any interruptions to your daily operations.

Monmouthshire Insurance Services, a commercial insurance subsidiary of Monmouthshire Building Society, can offer local business owners advice on issues to watch our for, as well as some simple protective steps they can take to avoid damage and expensive repair or replacement costs:

Pipes – check their integrity on a regular basis
Insulation – your water pipes and water tank should be properly insulated
Gutters & Drains – regularly check for any blockages such as fallen leaves
Central Heating – check your system has a ‘frost-stat’ setting
Stock – store any stock off the floor in case of flooding
Stop Cock – ensure staff know where the stop cock is located
Roof Maintenance – check for loose or missing tiles on the roof
Recovery Plan – keep a list of tradesmen and staff home phone numbers
Plan Ahead – check policies and procedures regarding extremes of weather
Technology and IT Systems – ensure IT systems are remotely accessible and systems are backed up

Another highly important task to carry out is to check your insurance policy documents to establish the level of cover you have in place. If your business is inadequately covered, with insurance that is not as comprehensive as it should be, then you run the risk of leaving your business only partly covered, or not being insured at all. In this case, it’s vitally important to speak with a commercial insurance broker immediately.

Monmouthshire Insurance Services specialise in helping businesses find the right type of insurance cover to suit their needs. If you’re concerned as to whether you have adequate cover in place for your business or would like a no-obligation commercial insurance healthcheck, then Monmouthshire Insurance Services can help. Call 01633 844 450 or visit www.mis.co.uk for more information.

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