Important Information - Our Bank Details are Changing

22 December 2017

The Society informed members in our AGM communication earlier this year that we would be changing our Sort Code and Account Number, in line with the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013.

The new regulations outlined that banks must separate their retail and investment operations, also known as ring-fencing. As the Society banks with HSBC, we have been provided with a new Sort Code and Account Number.

The new Sort Code and Account Number are now in place, and HSBC has put a redirection on our previous account.

For members who hold accounts managed through direct debits, these changes were made automatically. Members who have standing orders set up will need to amend their payment details. Our new banking details can be found below:

Account Name: Monmouthshire Building Society
Account Number: 14576608
Sort Code: 40-05-30

Members who have a 3rd party* paying into their account should contact and provide them with the sort code, account number and 10 digit roll number**

When a significant financial services event such as this takes place, sadly there are people who see this as an opportunity to commit fraud. We urge members affected by the bank detail changes to be wary of any communications made by someone claiming to be from the Society, be it over the phone, text or email.

We urge all members not to pass on any details of their account using any communication, and if someone does contact you claiming to be from Monmouthshire Building Society, asking for your account details, there’s a good chance they’re looking to commit fraud.


*3rd party payments may include, but is not limited to; pensions, benefits, salaries, etc.

**10 digit roll number can be found in the top right-hand side of the passbook

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