Society presents cheque to local animal sanctuary

13 June 2018

The Society has presented a local animal sanctuary with a cheque of over £9000.00, following a range of fundraising activities by colleagues.

The sanctuary, located in Llanfrechfa, has been providing shelter to neglected, abused and abandoned animals for over 20 years, has over 100 ‘residents’ animals, ranging from cats and dogs to ducks, chickens and guinea pigs.

The Society announced in May 2017 that All Creatures Great and Small would be their Charity of the Year for 2017/18. Since the announcement last year, Society colleagues held a range of internal and external fundraisers, ranging from; bake sales, themed food and sporting events, and most recently colleagues taking part in the ABP Newport Wales Marathon and 10k. Events organised by Society colleagues raised £9520.00.

All Creatures Great and Small

Commenting on the Society’s fundraising efforts, the Society’s Chief Executive Officer Will Carroll said: “As a mutual building society it’s important to support local charities and organisations, and hopefully the funds raised by the Society can go some way to supporting the Sanctuary with running costs and care for all the Sanctuary’s residents.

“All Creatures Great and Small was chosen by Society staff, and have been overwhelmed by the passion and commitment shown by all colleagues during fundraising activities fully justifies the choice made to support the Sanctuary.”

The Society has also supported the Sanctuary with large donations of food, bedding and toys throughout the year. Donations of bric-a-brac, clothing and other small items were also made to the Sanctuary’s four charity shops, which are manned solely by volunteers.

Rachel Day, the Sanctuary’s Fundraising Officer, commented: “"All Creatures Great and Small receives no government funding, therefore we are dependent on the generosity of our supporters, our local community and organisations. Monmouthshire Building Society have been incredible over the past year raising much needed funds for our charity.

The Society’s staff have been so dedicated in their fundraising activities, which has proved invaluable to our sanctuary. All Trustees, Staff and Volunteers at All Creatures Great and Small would like to extend their gratitude to Monmouthshire Building Society and we are proud to have been selected as their Charity of the Year in 2017."


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