Society releases new Regular Saver Bond

30 May 2018

Following feedback from members, the Society has launched a new Regular Saver Bond, which is available to new and existing customers.

The bond has a competitive rate of 2.50% AER/Gross, which is fixed for one year, and can be opened with a minimum investment of £20.

The bond can be opened at any of the Society’s branches or agencies, or via post.

Key Features include:

  • Annual interest - 2.50% AER/Gross – Fixed from account opening for 1 year.
  • The minimum investment is £20
  • The maximum monthly investment is £250
  • The maximum overall investment allowed is £3,000
  • You can manage your account at any branch or agency office, by post or online (if registered with our 'My Accounts' service and aged 16 years or over).
  • Interest is calculated on a daily basis so that interest on each cash deposit will be calculated over the period for which it is actually invested and not the entire period of your bond.
  • No partial withdrawals are allowed.
  • Full closure of the account is permitted at any time during the fixed rate period, however any interest you have earned will be calculated at the lower tier rate of our Escalator Instant account or its nearest equivalent at that time.
  • On maturity, interest will be added to the bond.
  • This is a limited issue product which may be withdrawn without notice at any time.

Please refer to product Terms and Conditions for information.

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