Upcycling centre given boost by Society’s Charitable Foundation

11 May 2018

Monmouthshire Upcycle have received £500 from Monmouthshire Building Society’s Charitable Foundation, which has been used to purchase tools for volunteers at their centre in Chepstow.

The centre is part of the Forest Upcycling Project, which provides volunteering opportunities for vulnerable and disabled people, working with tools and often dealing with members of the public at one of the Charity’s three centres, located in; Chepstow, Coleford and Cinderford.

The Charity provide Menshed and Womanshed sessions, where men and women can come together to restore and upcycle household furniture in a safe and comfortable environment.

Kris Vaughan-Abkins, Deputy Project Manager at Monmouthshire Upcycle, commented: “Thanks to Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, we are able to produce a much better finish to the work we do and complete more professional level repairs from our own workshop.

“With the tools we now have at our disposal we can sell higher quality goods and saves more items from going to landfill.”

Monmouthshire Upcycle Chepstow

Since its launch in 2000, Monmouthshire Building Society’s Charitable Foundation has contributed over £200,000 to more than 300 organisations and charities.

The Foundation is happy to receive applications from a broad spectrum of charities and organisations, including; sports groups, environmental groups, education and the arts. The Foundation also welcomes any donations from individuals.

Full information and guidance on how to apply for funding can be found in the Foundation’s application form. Copies are available from any Monmouthshire Building Society branch or agency office, and can also be printed off from www.monbs.com/mbscf.


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