Mortgage Guide

At the Monmouthshire Building Society we offer a competitive range of mortgage products, coupled with a personal, flexible approach. This means that, whether you are a first time buyer, moving house or someone who wishes to change lender without moving house (remortgage), we can help you find the mortgage that's right for you. We also offer advances for existing customers, as well as Buy to Let Mortgages.

The pages below provide key information about aspects you may need to consider when arranging a mortgage.

If you would like to know whether the Society would consider your mortgage application, you can submit our online Mortgage Decision in Principle Form or speak to one of our Mortgage Advisers on 01633 844 351, who will be pleased to help.

Our Mortgage Services

What Is A Mortgage?

Who Does What?

Mortgage_Guide_16How Much can I Borrow? 

Types of Property Ownership

Mortgage Product Descriptions

Help to Buy - Wales

Buying Repossession Properties and Auction Properties

Other Types of Lending

Ways To Repay your Mortgage

Mortgage Interest and Payments

How Much Will it Cost Me?

Costs Associated with a Mortgage 

Valuation and Survey Reports

Home Buying - A Quick Guide

Remortgaging - A Quick Guide

What happens after I apply?

Services for Existing Borrowers

Payment Difficulties

Protecting your Home

At the end of your Mortgage

Glossary/Jargon Buster


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