Protecting Your Personal Information

Your personal information is valuable, so you should treat it just as you would any valuable item. Crimes like identity theft are increasing and it is ever more important for you to safeguard your information. You can help keep your information more secure by following these guidelines:

  • Be extremely wary of unsolicited phone calls, letters or emails pretending to be from your bank, building society or other financial institution asking you to confirm personal details, online passwords or security details.
  • Check your passbook, statement or online account records carefully. If you find an unfamiliar transaction, contact your bank, building society or card company immediately.
  • Only divulge your card details in a telephone transaction when you have instigated the call and are familiar with the company.
  • Make sure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software and a firewall installed.
  • Store your statements, receipts, passbooks, cheque book and documents that contain information relating to your financial affairs safely and destroy or preferably shred them when you dispose of them.
  • Access Internet banking or shopping sites by typing the address into your web browser. Never go to a website from a link in an email and then enter personal details.
  • When entering personal details online make sure that the security icon (locked padlock or unbroken key symbol) is showing in your browser window.
  • When entering your PIN in a shop or at a cash machine try to use your spare hand to shield the number from prying eyes or hidden cameras.

If at anytime you believe someone has obtained, or tried to obtain, details of your Society accounts or your personal information please let us know by telephoning 01633 844 340.

If you want to know more about keeping yourself safe from fraud, we suggest the following websites which contain lots of information on ways to help you keep your financial information secure:


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