Re-subscribing to a Cash ISA

If you have not made any subscriptions for a whole tax year you will need to complete an ISA Declaration Form before subscriptions can re-commence. Simply complete the form and return it to us, along with your cheque (please make all cheques payable to the name of the account holder). Please make sure that your Cash ISA is available to accept subscriptions. Some of our Cash ISA’s do not allow additional funds to be added.

If you have one of the following Cash ISA issues, you will not be able to add any further funds to it:

  • Cash ISA 1
  • Cash ISA 2 (annual & monthly)
  • Cash ISA 3 (annual & monthly)
  • Cash ISA 4 (annual & monthly)
  • ISA Saver
  • Members Loyalty Cash ISA (Issue 10)
  • Members Loyalty Cash ISA (Issue 11)
  • Members Loyalty Cash ISA (Issue 12)
  • Members Loyalty Cash ISA (Issue 13) (annual & monthly)

Once your account is re-activated you can add to your ISA in cash, by cheque (please make all cheques payable to the name of the account holder) or save regularly by standing order.

You can also make electronic payments into your Monmouthshire Building Society Cash ISA directly from your bank account, click here for the details that you will need to give to your bank.

Click here for details of the current ISA subscription limits.

Our Head Office address is:
Monmouthshire Building Society
Monmouthshire House
John Frost Square
South Wales
NP20 1PX


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