Dealing with Bereavement

What to do when someone dies

We recognise that this is a difficult time and the Society aims to make the process as easy and simple as possible, within legal guidelines. We have a Bereavement Guide that contains lots of useful information about how to register the death, dealing with the funeral, dealing with the deceased person’s estate, who else to notify along with lots of useful websites and contact numbers.

Registering the death with us if the deceased had a Monmouthshire savings account

You can register a bereavement with the Monmouthshire by calling us on 01633 844 340, writing to us at Monmouthshire House, John Frost Square, Newport, NP20 1PX, or in person at any of our branches or agencies. If you visit a branch or agent, one of our staff will guide you through the process. If at all possible, please call in advance so we can do our best to make sure suitable staff and a quiet area are available. We will do all we can to help.

The first thing you’ll need to do is give us the original death certificate or original interim death certificate, so we can update our records. You can bring it with you when you visit the branch or alternatively send this to us by post. If you already have a grant of probate or letters of administration please let us have these too. If any of these documents are copies, they will need to have been certified as copies by someone authorised to do so, e.g. a Solicitor/Commissioner for Oaths/Justice of the Peace/Authorised County Court Official.

Joint accounts

In the case of a joint account, survivorship rules apply. In accordance with our General Terms & Conditions for Savings Accounts, we will transfer the account into the name(s) of the surviving account holder(s). The terms and conditions of the account shall continue unchanged.

Sole accounts

Once you’ve informed us of the death of our account holder, the way we administer their account(s) will depend on the amount of savings they held with us in their sole name. You may use the funds to pay any urgent bills, these are limited to funeral costs, inheritance tax or probate court fees. However, all requests to pay these bills must be forwarded to our Head Office and be accompanied by the invoice. Please see the table below for further information:

    Total balance of the account(s) Documentation required

    Where to
    obtain the documentation

    Additional information
    £500 or less Completed Small Estates Indemnity form Any branch or agency of MBS or online To be completed by the Personal Representative, provided no Grant of Representation has been granted
    £500.01 to £20,000 Completed Statutory Declaration form* Any branch or agency of MBS or online This form needs to be witnessed by a solicitor, Commissioner for Oaths, Justice of the Peace or Authorised County Court Official**
    £20,000 and above Original Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration The Probate Service You may instruct a legal adviser to do this if you don't wish to do it yourself***

    *This form can only be used if the deceased left a will or the declarant is a spouse or civil partner or a blood relative
    **The witness may charge for this service
    ***Fees apply, you should consult the Probate Service or your legal adviser for their list of charges

    Other documentation will be required to accompany the Society forms or the Grant of Representation e.g. identification for the declarants; original will; original marriage or civil partnership certificate.

    If there is a mistake, you should only need to rectify it once.

    Some correspondence may regrettably be sent due to a 'cross over' in time on our systems. However, once the account is frozen, you should not receive any correspondence in the deceased name. If you do, contact the Society immediately to inform us of the account; you should only need to contact the Society once in these circumstances.

    We will try to make sure that during this difficult time everything possible is done to ensure that estates are wound up as sensitively and efficiently as possible.


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