Lost Savings

If you think you have an account with the Society, but have made no withdrawals, deposits or not had your passbook updated for over 15 years, your account may be considered ‘dormant’, particularly if you have moved house and haven’t told us your new address.  However, you will always be able to revive your account or claim your money back at any time with interest.

By contacting the Society you can easily reactivate your account. All you need to do is visit a local branch or agency office with your passbook or card and proof of your identity (identity requirements are the same as opening a new account). If you have lost your passbook or card, then bring along proof of your identity together with any information you have in respect of the account e.g. a savers statement or other account correspondence. 

If you think you may have dormant accounts at other Building Societies then you might like to pick up a "How Building Societies help you find your lost savings" leaflet from one of our branches. Alternatively visit www.mylostaccount.org.uk to search for any dormant account with all UK Banks / Building Societies.




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