Paying off your mortgage

Otherwise known as ‘Redemption’ – this is when you have finally repaid your loan and the mortgage is discharged. If you want to repay your mortgage before the end of the agreed term, you will need to ask us for a redemption statement, which will be calculated for the day you anticipate making the final payment. Interest will be charged to the date the loan is repaid and will be specified in the statement. The statement will also include details of:

  • a discharge and sealing fee, as shown in our Tariff of Mortgage Charges, which is charged to cover the closing administration costs.
  • any early repayment charge which may be payable, subject to the specific terms of the mortgage product applied to your loan.

To find out how much you will have to pay to redeem your mortgage, please enter your details by clicking here and we will prepare a statement to send to you by post. We will need your name and mortgaged property address, mortgage account number and the date on which you think you will be repaying your loan.


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