Savers - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is interest paid on to my account?

A: Most of our accounts have interest paid at the close of business on 31st March each year. The interest will be added (after tax has been deducted) to your account, or sent to your preferred destination where these details have been provided, and will be available to print on your passbook or view online (via My Accounts if you are a registered user) from the 1st April.

Some of our accounts have different interest periods e.g. Christmas Saver (issue 1 is 30th November and issue 2 is 31st October). Most of our 1 year fixed rate bonds have interest paid on maturity.

Q: I sent a payment from my bank to my savings account last night. Why can’t I see it yet?

A: We are not a bank and all electronic payments are first received by our bank account. We then have to wait for these to be uploaded to our customers’ accounts, which is done each day before we open for business at 9am. If you are a registered ‘My Accounts’ user, it may be that this upload was done ‘after’ this service was updated in the early hours of the morning. Please be assured, that although there may be a delay in the payment being available for updating on your passbook, or being viewed via My Accounts, it will have been credited to your account as at the date it reached our bank account and that interest will be accrued based on that date.

Q: What is the current interest rate on my account?

A: If you have a ‘My Accounts' log in you can view your savings account interest rates by logging in then selecting the account you wish to check. The interest rate will appear on the next screen. If you do not have a ‘My Accounts’ log in just click here to register and see your interest rates plus much more, including all your savings transactions, at a time to suit you. If you do not have a log in and do not wish to register for ‘My Accounts’ and wish to see the interest rate on our current range, visit our current interest rates page.


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