Charitable Foundation

Charitable Foundation

The Foundation is independent of the Society, and its policies and decisions are determined by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees give up their own time in running the Charitable Foundation and are not paid for the work they do.

Since its launch in 2000, Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation has contributed over £200,000 to more than 300 local organisations and charities.

What types of organisations are eligible to receive an award?

  • The Foundation will only accept applications from organisations that are located in the following postcodes: NP, CF, SA 1-13, HR1 1, HR1 2, HR2, HR4 0, HR4 9, HR9, LD3, GL 14-16 and BS 20-21.
  • The Foundation will not normally consider requests from nationally based organisations or local groups affiliated to such organisations.
  • The Foundation limits its support to organisations and groups (including registered charities) and will not consider applications to support an individual’s activities or a private commercial enterprise.
  • The Foundation is happy to receive applications from all walks of life.
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Examples of groups we have supported include:

  • Youth Groups
  • The Hospice Movement
  • Support Groups
  • Sports Groups

  • Education
  • The Elderly
  • The Environment
  • Carers

How much money is available?

In order to distribute funds as widely as possible, preference will be given to groups requesting part funding and smaller donations under £1,000 in value. However, one major cause will be chosen for support each year up to a maximum value of £5,000.

  • The Foundation will rarely consider requests to fund the running costs of an organisation and prefers to support the purchase of tangible, non-consumable items. (Running costs would include travel costs, salaries, training, hire and accommodation costs. Consumable items would include food, fuel, printing, stationery and ink cartridges).
  • Funding to improve the fabric of any building will only be considered if the building is wholly owned by the organisation applying for funding.
  • Funds cannot be provided for goods already purchased prior to any award being granted.
  • The Foundation normally offers funding on the basis that the project/purchase will be completed within a three month period from the date the grant is awarded. Therefore, applications for projects which involve long-term funding are unlikely to be successful. Successful applicants are advised that they are unable to apply for further funding for a period of 3 years.

 How do I apply?

You will need to complete an application form. You have a variety of options:

  • Use the Microsoft Word' version of the application form and email it to us.
  • Print off an application form and post it to us. 
  • Pick up an application form, from any of our Branch or Agency Offices.
  • Phone 01633 844 402 during office hours and we will post one to you.

All completed application forms, with the correct postage should be sent to:

The Secretary - MBS Charitable Foundation
Monmouthshire Building Society
John Frost Square
South Wales
NP20 1PX.

or email

When is the closing date for applications?

All applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and must be received by the following dates:

  • 8th March for the March meeting
  • 7th June for the June meeting
  • 6th September for the September meeting
  • 22nd November for the December meeting

The outcome of your application will be sent to you in writing, within one month of the meeting date.

Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation. Registered Charity Number: 1081311


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