Direct Debit Payments

Setting up a new direct debit

If you want to set up a new direct debit to make your monthly mortgage payments, please print the direct debit form, complete and return it to our customer services department (address below). Please make sure you tell us when you want this arrangement to start and what your preferred date for payment is. Please allow 10 days for the arrangement to be set up before the first payment can be requested. 

Changing Banks 

If you are changing banks, your current bank should pass details of all direct debits to your new bank and inform us. If, however, the existing arrangement has been cancelled, you will need to complete a new direct debit form as explained above.

Changing the date of an existing direct debit

If you want to change the date on which payments come out of your bank account, please click here to provide the details using our secure contact form. Please note, if you request the 28th or later, the payment will be requested by the Society on the last working day of every month. Your bank account will be debited early the following month.

Changing the amount you pay each month 

If you want to make arrangements to pay a fixed amount each month, which exceeds your registered repayment, please click here to provide the details using our secure contact form. Please note, you should check any restrictions that may apply to overpayments on your mortgage. Some schemes may include early repayment charges for overpayments.

Cancel an existing direct debit arrangement 

If you wish to cancel a direct debit that currently adds funds to your Monmouthshire Building Society savings account, please print the direct debit change form, complete and return it to us (to the Head Office address below).

Experiencing Difficulties

If you are experiencing difficulties in making your monthly payments by direct debit, please follow the link to the ‘Payment Difficulties’ section for more information before cancelling any payment arrangement.

Our Head Office address is:
Monmouthshire Building Society
Monmouthshire House
John Frost Square
South Wales
NP20 1PX


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