Identification List

List One : Government Issued Documents (with a photograph)

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Photocard Driving Licence (full or provisional)
  • National Identity Card (non-UK nationals)
  • Firearms or Shotgun Certificate

List Two : Government Issued Documents (without a photograph)

  • Valid Full Driving Licence
  • Most recent HM Revenue & Customs tax notification such as tax assessment, statement of account, notice of coding. (Note: P45s and P60s are not official HM Revenue documents and are not therefore acceptable)
  • Recent Evidence of entitlement to a state or local authority-funded benefit scheme (including housing benefit and council tax benefit), tax credit, pension, educational or other grant.

List Three : Other documents

  • Utility Bill (not mobile phone) - not more than 6 months old
  • Local Authority tax demand or statement – valid for current year
  • Bank / Credit Card / Debit Card statement - not more than 3 months old (internet downloaded statements are not acceptable)
  • Local Council rent agreement
  • Mortgage statement - not more than 15 months old

List Four : For the identification of children under 18

  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • NHS Medical Card
  • Child Benefit documentation
  • Child Tax Credit documentation
  • National Insurance Card (for those over 16)
  • Valid Photocard Driving Licence (full or provisional)


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