Competitive Buy to Let House Purchase and Remortgage Products Launched

20 July 2015

The Society has launched a new range of two year Buy to Let purchase discount and remortgage discount products.

The house purchase discount product range offers competitive interest rates and up to 75% loan to value (LTV) in the Society’s local area only*.

The Society offers a two year buy to let purchase discount mortgage at 2.65%, with a maximum LTV of 75%. The product comes with a £399 product fee which can be added to the loan.

The range of new products also includes a 60% LTV two year buy to let purchase discount mortgage at 2.05%, with a £399 product fee which can be added to the loan. Further information about the product range including full terms and conditions, can be found here.

For customers looking to switch their mortgage from another lender, the Society has also launched a range of competitive two year buy to let remortgage discount products with free standard valuation and free legal fees**. The product range includes a two year buy to let remortgage discount at 2.95% with a 75% LTV, and a 60% LTV product with a two year fixed rate of 2.15%, both of which are available in the Society’s local area only*.

Colin Strong, Head of Lending Procurement, commented: “The Society has an enviable reputation for offering value for money Buy to Let products and this new range is no exception. The combination of low product fees, competitive interest rates and the added benefit of a free valuation and legal fees** in some cases, means that these products will prove very attractive to Buy to Let Landlords.”

If you fail to keep up with payments on your mortgage a ‘receiver of rent’ may be appointed and/or your rental property may be repossessed.

Geographic Restrictions

* The Society's local geographical area is defined as postcode areas: NP, CF, SA, LD, WR, GL, HR and BS. See individual product information for full terms and conditions.

Legal Fees

** You will not have to pay the usual legal fees if the Society’s appointed solicitors are used. Our solicitor acts for the Society only to ensure we have good legal claim over your property. (You will have to pay for any additional legal work that the solicitors do which is beyond the usual scope of a simple remortgage, for example, change of your name, transfers of equity, deeds of postponement, merger of freehold and leasehold).

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