Changes To Christmas Saver Account

6 November 2013

Christmas saver

As of 1st December 2013, all customers who hold a Christmas Saver Issue 1 account will be transferred into the Christmas Saver Issue 2 account.

As a result of this change, the terms and conditions of the Issue 2 account have been updated to offer all Christmas Saver account holders a larger window in which they can make a withdrawal.

Changes to the Christmas Saver Issue 2 Terms and Conditions:

  • Withdrawals can now be made without notice during November, December and January each year (previously only November and December). A withdrawal at any other time of the year will still result in the account being closed.
  • A deposit of at least £1 must be received every month from February (or the month in which you open the account) up to and including October, otherwise you will not qualify for the bonus at the year end (previously the monthly deposit had to be received from January or the account opening month).
  • If you elect to save by direct debit, the agreed amount will be debited from your bank/building society account every month, including November, December and January (previously this read as ‘including November and December’).

The Christmas Saver Account allows you to save between £1 and £1,000 each month to help you spread the cost of the festive season which, as we all know, can be a very expensive time. Regular savers earn an attractive rate of interest, plus a generous bonus each year.

Click here or more information on the Christmas Saver Issue 2 account.

Alternatively, call our head office on 01633 844330 or call into any of the Society's branch or agency offices.

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