Use them or lose them - What to do with your paper 10 notes

31 January 2018

The Bank of England recently announced that the paper £10 notes will cease to be legal tender as of Thursday 1st March 2018. The new polymer £10 notes, which have been in circulation since September 2017, follows trend with the £5 note having fully converted to polymer in August 2017.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is the paper £10 note being replaced?

The polymer note has been in circulation since the introduction of the new £5 note in September 2016. The polymer note carries many practical benefits, with stronger security features making them harder to counterfeit:

-       Polymer notes are waterproof

-       Polymer notes are cleaner, water and dirt resistant, allowing them to stay in circulation up to 2.5 times longer

-       The new polymer note is 100% recyclable


What do I do with the paper notes before March 1st?

Before the March 1st deadline, you’re free to spend your paper £10 notes as you wish. If you do wish to have your notes changed, visit your bank or take the paper notes to a Post Office, where you can exchange your paper note for a polymer note.

If you receive a paper £10 note as change, you can ask that your change is given in coin, or with a polymer note.

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