Non Face to Face

Opening an account Non Face to Face

Please note that if you wish to open an account by post, you need to send us a personal cheque drawn on your personal account, made payable to the applicants name.

Opening an account by personal cheque or electronic payment

In addition to your payment, we will undertake an electronic check of your identity. If you provide us with a photocopy of your passport and / or driving licence this should speed things up. The photocopy of your passport need only be the page that your photograph appears on. The photocopies of your driving licence required are both the photo licence and counterpart document.

Opening an account for a child

If you are opening an account on behalf of a child, you must prove your identity as above. In addition, one document from list 4 will be required to prove the identity of the child.

If you are a child (under 18) opening an account to operate yourself, we will require one document from list 4 to prove your identity, and one document from list 3 to verify your address or that of your parent / guardian. 

If we are unable to prove your identity using our electronic verification system you will need to supply us with 2 documents as follows

Two documents from either list 2


One document from list 2 and one document from list 3

Regulations require that we see original documents. If you are sending original documents by post, please make sure that they are securely packaged and are sent via Recorded or Registered post. Your documents will be returned after inspection.


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