Payment Difficulties

What if I have difficulty making my payments?

We understand that personal circumstances can change for many different reasons, sometimes  causing financial hardship. All we ask is that if you find yourself in financial difficulty, please talk to  us as soon as possible. Dealing with payment problems at an early stage often makes them easier to  resolve. We'll do everything we can to help, and work with you to put a plan into place to overcome any temporary difficulties and clear any arrears. 

Organisations from whom you can also seek help and advice regarding financial difficulties include Citizens Advice Bureau, Money Advice Service or Step Change Debt Charity. With your consent the Society will be happy to liaise, wherever possible, with any of these bodies. It is important to note that should your circumstances change, you will still remain responsible for making your monthly mortgage payments. Also in the case of joint borrowers, each person is liable for the full amount of both the monthly payments and mortgage balance outstanding.

Where you have failed to keep to certain conditions of the mortgage agreement, including where  your account falls into arrears by an amount exceeding two monthly repayments, possession of  your property can legally be sought. The Society very much regards such action as a last resort only  to be undertaken after attempts to resolve any such problems have failed or where a customer has  refused to co-operate. 

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