What happens after I apply?

Stage 1: Initial decision

Once we receive your mortgage application, your mortgage adviser will send it to our Underwriting department for processing. Your dedicated case officer will review your application and check all the necessary information is correct to enable your application to proceed.

Stage 2: Valuation and references

Next, your case officer will request a valuation report and will usually obtain an employers reference or accountants reference if self employed. If required, they will also request a mortgage/rent reference. Alternatively, you can supply proof of your last 12 months mortgage or rent payments.

Stage 3: Your mortgage offer

Once we receive a satisfactory valuation report, we will prepare a Mortgage Offer and send it to you. If you are happy with the offer, simply sign and return your acceptance. A duplicate of the offer will be sent to your solicitor, who will contact you to discuss it. At this st age you should arrange buildings insurance for any new property purchase. The Society has introduced a reflection period of 30 days to give customers time, if required, to consider whether they are still happy to go ahead with their mortgage decision.

Stage 4: Issuing your funds - completion

Once your solicitor confirms to us that the necessary legal documents have been completed, we will issue the funds to your solicitor to complete the purchase (or the remortgage). We will send you a letter confirming this, which will also detail the payments due and their collection dates.


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