Charitable Foundation Responds Favourably to Worthwhile Cause

18 January 2014

first responders

Back in 2013, Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation decided to award up to £5,000 to one lucky local organisation who applied for funding. So impressed were they with an application from a team of Welsh Ambulance Service Community First Responders, though, that a decision was made by the Trustees that, rather than making one large award, they would invite applications from First Responders in other areas.

Community First Responders are members of the public who volunteer to help their local community by responding to medical emergencies before an ambulance arrives, helping to prevent otherwise fatal incidents. They are trained in a wide range of emergency skills, operating specialised equipment such as external defibrillators and offering procedures such as oxygen therapy.

The Foundation were pleased to award funds to three Community First Responder Teams in total. Both the Newport, Chepstow and Caldicot team and the Birchgrove, Swansea team received £2,000 to purchase two defibrillators each, while the Cardiff team received £2,208.89 in order to purchase a fully equipped bike and six sets of personal protective equipment for their Cycle Responders.

Peter Richards, Group Coordinator for Newport, Caldicot and Chepstow Community First Responders said, “The three Community First Responder teams are thrilled to have been chosen as the recipients of such a generous award. Thanks to Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation, our teams across South Wales are now much better equipped to serve the community and potentially save lives.”

Since 2000, Monmouthshire Building Society Charitable Foundation has contributed over £140,000 to more than 230 local organisations and charities. In the last financial year alone, the Foundation provided support to 29 local organisations. This represents a significant contribution to local communities across South Wales by a local organisation.

The Foundation is happy to receive applications from all walks of life, such as the arts, education, youth groups, the elderly, the hospice movement, the environment, support groups, carers and sports groups. The Foundation also welcomes any donations or bequests from individuals. The more funding received, the more local organisations and charities will benefit.

Full information and guidance on how to apply can be found in the Foundation’s application form. Copies are available from any Society branch or agency office, and can also be printed off from the Community Section of our website.

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