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Established in Newport in 1869 to help local people build homes, we now help people across Wales and England buy properties and save for their future.
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Children's Savings Accounts

Give your little ones the best start in life.

Whether you’re putting money away for their first car, university, or just for a rainy day - our children’s savings accounts help you look after their future.

Junior ISA

  Interest Rate Withdrawals Deposits Managing the Account
Junior Cash ISA 4.35%
No, not until the child turns 18 Subject to Junior ISA annual limits Managed by an adult

Young Saver

  Interest Rate Withdrawals Deposits Managing the Account
Young Saver Account 4.30%
Yes, you can withdraw funds at any time Up to a balance of £25,000 Option to be managed by the child once they turn 14

Further information and T&Cs for each of our Children's Accounts can be found by clicking the account name in the table above

Guide to Children's Accounts


Our Junior Cash ISA is designed to keep money saved until the child turns 18, so you can't make withdrawals. 

Our Young Savers Account is designed for young people to use the money from their savings throughout their childhood and teenage years, up to the age of 18. The account is instant access and lets you make withdrawals whenever you want. 


The Junior Cash ISA is subject to Junior ISA annual limits. This means you can deposit a maximum of £9,000 in the current tax year. 

Our Young Savers account allows you to save up to a balance of £25,000 with no annual restrictions. 

Managing the accounts

Our Junior Cash ISA has to be managed by an adult, whereas our Young Savers Account has the option to be managed by the child once they turn 14. 

Both accounts can be managed at your convenience through the following methods:

  • In Branch
  • By Post
  • Via our 'My Accounts' online banking service - this is only if the person managing the account is over 16 (for Young Saver).
  • You can open a Junior Cash ISA as a parent or guardian if you are 18 or over, for a child who is aged below 18.
Interest Rates

The rates on both products are variable, so they can go up or down. 

Please note

The above information is a brief overview of some of the most asked about features of our account.

To carry out a full comparison you should read the Key Product Information and Terms and Conditions of each account. 

This information is available on the web pages for each account. 


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