Recommend a Friend

Recommend a friend

Recommend a friend for a Monmouthshire Building Society mortgage and each receive a cheque for £100.

Mortgages worth recommending!

At Monmouthshire Building Society we’re dedicated to offering competitive mortgages, and excellent customer service, so why not let your friends and family know about us today?

As a thank you for your recommendation we’ll give you a cheque for £100.

If that’s not enough, as a big welcome to your friend or family member, we will also give them a cheque for £100.

How many friends can I recommend?

There is no limit to how many friends or family members you can recommend. Which means that you are eligible to receive one £100 cheque per recommended person, whilst they'll also receive their cheque for £100.

How do I apply?

If you have been a member of the Society and you know of a friend who’s looking for a mortgage, fill out the form attached and give it to them. They'll then need to hand the completed form in to their mortgage adviser, along with their completed mortgage application form. Within 30 working days of the completion of their mortgage, you'll each receive a cheque for £100 in the post.

Please download, print out and fill in the voucher from here. The recommended friend will need to take this along with their mortgage application to their mortgage appointment.

Please note that any payments received by the existing customer referring a friend or relative could be liable to income tax and should be declared to HM Revenue and Customs.


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